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Welcoming Autumn // 2017


Since the first hot day of Summer i have been DREAMING of Autumn, now although the start of Autumn here in Australia has been FAR from cold weather I am hanging out for the day were i can happily wear a scarf and beanie! I love winter outfits and sipping on hot drink morning, noon & night. 

Moss TrunksReflection In The ForrestRain Leaves

So to welcome Autumn this year we took a little day trip to Sherbrooke Falls located in the Dandenong Ranges i.e. the nicest place to go during the colder months! And this gorgeous place delivered the goods, it was a colder kind of day where your breath was visible and the leaves were falling around us!

Leafy FeetForrest

 We took a long walk along the trail taking photo’s, oooing and aaaing at the changing colours as we came to the waterfalls we could clearly hear the trickling of water which is one of my favourite sounds.

Sherbrooke Falls SignSherbrooke Falls

The water fall was the perfect reward for the walk and the perfect way to welcome Autumn! Are you looking forward to the colder months? let me know in the comments section below !


4 thoughts on “Welcoming Autumn // 2017

  1. Hey girl! I love this post and I’m so jealous you got to experience that beautiful place! However, I personally prefer the warmer weather (Spring and Summer) with clear blue skies,the sun shining, birds singing and flowering springing πŸ™‚ So Melbourne’s weather currently is my favourite thing.

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