Fifty Things That Make Me Happy

Inspired by the book “14,000 things to be happy about” by Barbara Ann Kipfer, Not in any order here are fifty things that make me happy;

1. My family

2. My friends

3. Kohana (My kitten who is nearly 3)

4. A good playlist (Check out my summer playlist HERE

5. Laughing so hard no noise comes out 

6. Baby goats

7. Baby goats in PJ’s

8. Coffee w/ Vanilla

9. The temptations song “My Girl”

10. Taking the perfect photo

11. That cozy just right temperature of the bed when you wake up 

12. Being in the car when it rains 

13. Fairy lights

14. Carrying conversations made up of quotes

15. Inside jokes

16.Photo Booths

17. Colder weather

18. New stationary 

19. Fresh bedding

20. Christmas time 

Fresh Bedding

21. Weekend adventures


23. Day’s where I love my makeup

24. Drive in movies

25. 40 minute vlogs on youtube

26. Advent calendar

27. Beach towns during winter

28. Anything with passionfruit

29. The big bang theory

30. Meeting with friends for lunch

Donuts #1

31. Undiscovered cafe’s

32. Beautiful perfumes

33. Helping people

34. Inspirational quotes

35. Upcoming travel plans

36. Harry Potter

37. Impromptu BBQ’s

38. Surprises

39. Setting up for someones birthday

40. The Dandenong Ranges when it’s cold

Inspirational Quotes .jpg

41. Road trips 

42. Fresh flowers

43. The Hunger Games 

44. Books written in first person

45. Flickering candles

46. Finding the perfect jeans

47. Shopping

48. Interiors

49. Stand up comedy

50. Last but not least this blog

Perfect Jeans


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