Sleeping at the other end of the bed…

I started sleeping at the opposite end of the bed when i was little, not purposely but by accident i would move in the night and my head would end up where my feet should have been. This unconventional habit has carried through with me to adulthood though now i do it on purpose not being able to sleep until I’m lying at the end of the bed. 

There is a comfort in this practise that instantly relaxes me bringing sleep. The way i breathe, the way my legs lay and the way my head rests against the pillow all a comforting way to dream. 

This makes me wonder what other childhood tendencies we take with us into this weird place called adulthood. At some point it became unacceptable to dance around with no pants on, throw food and throw a tantrum in public (that last one was probably not well accepted by most parents out there even when we were little). But how do we lose these qualities do we simply grow out of them or are they doomed by society. If 6 year old you looked at you now would they recognise you ? probably not. So why don’t we take more away from out childhoods ?

Things we should take:

  • unwavering love 
  • unshakable confidence 
  • untameable curiosity 
  • the ability to accept that farting is natural and the laughing that follows is the best kind.

Once you start looking at life through the eyes of someone who harnesses the above qualities i don’t think adults would ever look back.  

The goal for today and future days is to not take everything so seriously, laugh at the embarrassing things that happen to you chances are they will shape you later on, marvel at the simple joys because they don’t last forever and please oh please laugh at farts because everyone does them.

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